Maritime Battery Systems

  • NOK 5720

Target group

Seafarers working on ships with battery systems.


Gain knowledge in battery chemistry, construction, health, systems, awareness, preparedness, and dangers associated with batteries. The purpose of the course is for the crew on board to gain knowledge about topics related to the operational issues of batteries.

The course content is, among other things:

Batteries and electrification of maritime vessels.

Learn everything about batteries' structure, chemistry, health, maintenance, and associated systems, but also information and requirements for electrification of maritime vessels.

Fire and other hazards.

Dangers related to batteries, causes that can lead to unwanted incidents, fire, gas development and TR, fire extinguishing, and handling of incidents.

Situational awareness, preparedness, and interaction.

Learn about concepts within situational awareness, available external and internal resources, as well as interactions between land-based crew and the crew on board the vessel.

The course content is in english.