Ammonia as refrigerant on board fishing vessels with freezing plants

Learn about ammonia in freezing plants on board and how the crew can handle it in a safe manner. Focus areas include the refrigeration cycle, actions in case of accidental releases, personal protective equipment, first aid etc.

Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

  • kr3,450.00 excl. MVA


Target group:
The crew on board fishing vessels that have freezing plants using ammonia as refrigerant.

Basic information about ammonia
Ammonia on board
Accidental releases
Conclusion, final test

This course is offered as e-learning and has been developed in collaboration with Teknotherm.

We also offer practical exercises on board vessels involving ammonia leakage. Disciplines such as safety, communication, interaction, protective equipment and first aid are included in the exercises.

If the vessel is insured by Granne (formerly Møretrygd), the costs for the practical day on board will be covered. One will also receive a discount on the e-learning course.

Contact post@ask-elearning.net for more information about exercises.