Course developer e-learning (freelance)

ASK eLearning wants to get in touch with people who can do freelance assignments within course development, mainly e-learning. Primarily we want to enter into agreements with persons who are familiar with, or have access to, professional expertise within the following areas: Aquaculture, including wellboats, service vessels, fish farms, fish processing and fish welfare. [...]

Security awareness training for all seafarers and Seafarers with designated security duties

Buy our new interactive eLearning courses for Security awareness training for all seafarers and Seafarers with designated security duties. The courses contain all the subject matter you need, and consists of images, illustrations and interactive tasks. By choosing eLearning you can learn where you want, when you want and at your own pace. You also have the possibility to navigate back [...]

Training portal

Get access to eLearning courses tailored for your business. Some of the benefits we can offer are: Free cloud-based portal in the company’s own colors and expressions Course portfolio on request Manage employees yourself More efficient and better for the environment Access to complete history including course certificates and reports Free support agreement Send [...]

Maritime English

If you are going to work within international shipping, you need to have the knowledge in how to speak, write and understand English, as this is the compulsory language in this line of business. ASK eLearning offers you this through Maritime English eLearning course part 1 and 2, which are the two first parts [...]

Digitize your courses

Does your company have the need to digitize the course portfolio? We develop interactive and modern eLearning courses with a pedagogical structure with learning in focus. In addition, we offer to sell the courses on our digital platform, which allows you to reach out to even more customers. Send us an inquiry on email [...]


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