Here you can find frequently asked questions about our eLearning courses.

Do I need to complete the course immediately?2021-04-09T13:37:30+01:00

No, the course is available for 60 days and can be completed at any time during those 60 days. If you are doing a combination course, the eLearning course needs to be completed and passed before you can participate in the practical exercises at the training facility.

Do I need to complete the course in one go?2021-04-09T12:43:05+01:00

No, the course can be completed in several rounds. Remember to press «Close course» inside the course when you are exiting, in order to avoid losing what you have completed.

Criteria for passing the course2021-04-09T13:13:21+01:00

Every course has a final test where you need 80% correct answers to pass. This can be taken over again if you do not pass.

How do I get my course certificate?2021-04-09T13:36:33+01:00

In courses which consists only of eLearning, you will gain access to your course certificate when the course is completed and passed. You will also be able to download and print the certificate.

In combination courses you will receive verification of completed eLearning. You will receive the final course certificate after completing the practical exercises at the training facility.

Which device and browser should I use?2021-03-02T11:14:50+01:00

You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to do our courses, as long as you have access to the Internet. We recommend you to do the larger courses on PC/MAC.

We also recommend doing courses with Google Chrome, as some browsers do not support all features (including Microsoft Edge). If you do not have Google Chrome, you can see how to install it here.

  • Older computers, smartphones or tablets that no longer receives updates by its developer, are not compatible with the course.
  • Make sure the device you are using is updated to its latest version.
  • Make sure the web browser you are using is updated to its latest version.
How long do I have access to the course?2021-03-01T13:43:12+01:00

For 60 days. If you are taking a combination course, where you also are going to have practical exercises, this should be done no later than 60 days after completing the eLearning part.

How to get automatic text reading?2021-03-01T13:43:28+01:00

If you want to have the text read, this can be done automatically in most browsers. Due to some feature limitations, we recommend Google Chrome as your browser. To get text reading with this browser, you need to install an add-on, which is easily done by clicking here.

In this video we show you how to use the feature.

If you still want to use Microsoft Edge, this browser has a built-in reading function. Right-click on the text and click “read aloud”.

In this video we show how this is done. Keep in mind that some features of the course may work better in Google Chrome. You can easily log in to another browser and continue the course where you left of.

Why eLearning?2021-04-09T13:38:43+01:00
  • Complete the course when and where it suits you
  • Learn at your own pace
  • No traveling
  • Less loss of spare time
Do I have access to the course after it is completed?2021-04-09T13:38:18+01:00

Yes, the course is available for 60 days. When doing a combination course, an additional exam from the eLearning course must be completed at the training facility. This gives the participants the possibility to review the eLearning course in advance, even after the course is completed.

How do I pay for a course?2021-09-02T10:33:11+01:00
  • Purchases via the website are handled through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, there is an option to pay using a credit card. This functionality is not supported on smart devices. Use a PC/MAC to pay without a Paypal account.

    You can also book courses by sending an email to post@ask-elearning.net or call us on 00 47 70 12 86 06.

  • Corporate customers can get access to their own portal and corporate agreement.
How do I get a username and password?2021-04-09T12:40:21+01:00

A username and password will be sent to your email once you have paid for the course.


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